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High-Impact Retailer Marketing Solutions

Attract More Customers, Sell More, Create Loyal Customers

The M2R Group provides retailers a competitive advantage with full-service marketing, social media and e-commerce solutions and services. Our team of marketing and e-commerce experts let’s you focus on running your business, while we create and execute customized marketing programs then deliver measurable results. Our marketing promotions help attract new customers, drive more traffic to your website, and generate calls and foot traffic to your store. These programs will:

  • Acquire NEW customers
  • Engage EXISTING customers with compelling content and promotions to drive traffic into your store and increase sales
  • Create and increase customer LOYALTY with both existing and new customers through focused programs and content targeting
  • Effectively utilize your Manufacturer CO-OP funds to reduce marketing costs and improve your marketing Return-On-Investment.

The effect is to drive Sales Revenue ever higher than historic numbers.

Our Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns Reach Your Customers

Engaging with current and future customers requires a mix of marketing activities to drive results.  We use customer segmentation strategies to build customer profiles and a communication plan. This includes:

  • Targeted Messaging – deliver the right message to the right audience isn’t enough. Not only must your customers receive your message, but they also must be attentive, receptive and willing to act
  • Highly Choreographed Campaigns – we manage multi-channel marketing campaigns using websites, video, social media, email, direct mail, and mobile marketing to reach customers
  • Marketing & Conversion Response Measurement – we track all campaign marketing results and partner with retailers to track sales in order to assess whether or not the marketing efforts are getting the best results

We Can E-Commerce Enable Your Business

The M2R Group can enable your business for 24/7 online sales with a custom designed mobile-ready e-commerce solution.

Customers expect to purchase products/services anytime on their computer, their iPad or smart phone. Everyday that your business cannot deliver an on-demand shopping experience is robbing you of lost sales revenues.

  • Build eCommerce Platform – our team can launch and manage an e-commerce solution, integrate with CRM and point-of-sale systems, and payment processing solutions. 
  • Catalog Management – launching an online store is only one-third of the e-commerce puzzle, and just as critical as your store functionality is an attractive catalog. Our content management team will customize  the product/service catalog and make it enticing to customers.
  • Fulfillment Services – we can provide warehouse and order fulfillment services if you don’t have the space or the bandwidth to quickly ship all your online orders.

We Create Fresh Unique Content That Drives More Organic Website Traffic

Inbound Marketing is a critical component of a high-impact marketing strategy that involves the creation of Search Engine Optimized content that is posted and linked content across websites and social media communities. Fresh relevant content will drive higher search engine ranking with search engines. Our Inbound Marketing Solution includes the following:

  • Content Creation – we create (blogs, news, photos and videos) that are interesting, relevant and engaging with new and current customers.
  • Search Engine Optimize – we impliment a keyword strategy to enhance the organic search engine results of your website.
  • Social Media Management – build-out social media communities, increase engagement with localized content and manage social media promotions to acquire followers and convert them into buyers.

Build & Manage Your Social Media Community

We build a Social Media Platform with multiple levels of engagement, to enhance search engine optimization and drive more shoppers to buy. All accounts are all owned by your company and can be used for on-going marketing promotions. This includes:

  • Social Media Platform Build – We build and manage your social media pages critical for retail success: Yelp!, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Angie’s List and Pinterest. Provide bi-weekly marketing posts and responses back to fans, followers and customers.
  • Social Media Integration with website – cross-link web properties to increase web traffic and engagement with customers.
  • Measurement & Reporting – provide monthly marketing analytics that are impactful to the business.


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